step into your future


Our Mission

To support and guide young adults to independence,
while empowering their strengths to create the future they envision.


Are you a young adult about to transition into the world and live independently or, perhaps, making the transition into college? Are you unsure or wondering how to manage all the realities and responsibilities of living independently? Questioning which path is right for you? If so, McKenna House may be the place for you!

McKenna House communities are independent living environments designed to provide support as students begin the process of becoming successful young adults. Located in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho, students benefit from one-on-one mentoring, academic support, life skills instruction and practice, and individual counseling enabling them to successfully transition to living independently.

The simple daily obstacles and choices any young adult encounters when attending college, living on their own, or even socially interacting, as examples, are often overlooked and undervalued. At McKenna House we provide the support – much like a sound conscience – that reinforces the skills and decision-making rationale that will benefit students long-term success.

We believe that every young adult has the ability to live a full and independent life. Simply put, we are here to help students gain that confidence within themselves.

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