McKenna House communities have been designed to aid students 18 years of age and older as they begin their transition into young adulthood. The simple, daily obstacles and choices any young adult encounters when attending college, living on their own, or even socially interacting, as examples, are often overlooked and undervalued. At McKenna House we provide the accompanying support – much like a sound conscience – that teaches the skills and decision-making rationale that will benefit our students’ long-term success.

Our guiding principles include:

  • Supporting and guiding students
  • Building self-confidence
  • Teaching the necessary skills for success in college and/or independent living

Academically, McKenna House offers young adults:DMarshall_jessica_baker_schweitzer06_DSC_0003.lowrez

  • The opportunity to continue their high school education
  • The ability to obtain a GED through a local college
  • The option of attending a local college or participating in on-line college level courses

Within the McKenna House communities, young adults will find:

  • A unique mix of music, culture and art
  • Sports and outdoor activities, ranging from hiking the stunning surrounding mountains to kayaking the beautiful regional lakes
  • Vocational opportunities such as woodworking, massage therapy, culinary, and horticulture, only to name a fewDMarshall_Festival13_DSC_0300 

In addition, McKenna House students learn many life-affirming skills:

  • How to enjoy living and connecting in a new community
  • The benefits of time management skills
  • The importance of financial budgeting and responsibilities
  • How to initiate a job search and refine interview skills
  • The rewards of volunteering and community service
  • How to plan and shop for groceries and cook healthy, delicious meals
  • Where to find help and how to utilize the best available resources
  • And much more…